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Hell's kitchen

Kilifi county is one of the six counties that make up the Coastal region of Kenya, it’s located northeast of Mombasa. Kilifi county was a result of the merging of the Malindi and Kilifi districts in 2009. It borders Tana River county to the North, Taita Taveta County to the West, Mombasa, and Kwale to the South, and the Indian Ocean to the East.

Quick facts

Kilifi county is one of the six counties that make up the Coastal region of Kenya, it's located northeast of Mombasa.

Capital – Kilifi town

Population – 1,453,787 as of the 2019 census

Size– 12,245.90 km2 (4,728.17 sq mi)


  • Kilifi North
  • Kilifi South
  • Kaloleni
  • Rabai
  • Ganze
  • Malindi
  • Magarini

Climate and Geography

The weather is generally warm throughout the year (above 25 °C) with two seasons of moderate rainfall (about 800–1000 mm). Long periods of rain start around March and last into July, while the short periods start around October and last until December.

The terrain is generally flat with sandy-loamy soils

Attractions around Kilifi county

  • Watamu Marine National Park
  • Arabuko Sokoke National Park
  • Malindi Marine National Park
  • Gedi ruins
  • Watamu Marine
  • Malindi Museum
  • Marine park
  • Rabai Museum
  • Matungu Public beach
  • Kaya forest
  • Tropical beaches
  • Jumba ruins
  • Vuma cliffs
  • Marafa Hell’s kitchen
  • Mida creek
  • Mabrui dunes
  • Wasini island
  • Vasco da Gama pillar


Kilifi county has a well-connected road system, and most areas in the county, are easily accessed by a regular vehicle. 

The easiest way for the locals to get around is via Matatus (minibusses), tuk-tuk ( rickshaws), or boda-boda ( motorbike taxi )

Air Transport

Malindi is home to malindi airport, which is located 2.5 Km west of Malindi Town off Mombasa-Malindi road. Regional airlines frequent the airport some twice a day.

Accommodation in Kilifi county

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