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Mamba Village Centre

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Located in Nyali Mamba Village Centre is a very popular tourist attraction among resident and tourists. It combines wildlife farming, conservation and environment friendly quarry.


Crocodile Farm: 

The Centre is the largest crocodile farm in Africa and is home to over 10,000 Crocodiles. It is also home to the BIG DADDY, the oldest crocodile in the farm who is over 100 years old. The farm also has a Snake park, Horse Riding, Botanical Garden, Museum, Fish farm & Aquarium.

Croco Villa Restaurant: 

The restaurant offers a magnificent view of the crocodile farm while enjoy a crocodile Steak which is a delicacy among the many visitors that visit the Restaurant.

Apartments & Accommodation: 

The farm has Exclusive Apartments that have all the amenities ensure that your stay feels like ”home away from home”

Snake Park: 

Mamba Village Centre has a snake park witch houses varies snake species  including the  Eastern-stripe bellied sand snake ,the Central African rock python among others. Visitors are allowed to  take photos with some of the non – venomous snakes.

Botanical Garden: 

The Botanical garden is home to a variety of plant species, mostly tropical plant species. We have provided tags with all relevant information regarding each plant species.

Camping and picnic grounds: 

There’s is a picnic and  a camping site for more private time.

Contacts: 0726 747529

Send message: info@mambavillagecentre.com

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