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MV Logos Hope Docks in Mombasa

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MV Logos Hope

MV Logos Hope in Mombasa: Visit the world’s largest floating library

Dates: August 23rd to October 3rd

Location: Mbaraki wharf

Admission fee: 50 Ksh per person

MV Logos, the world’s largest ship library, is set to make its maiden voyage to Mombasa, Kenya. After an 18-year hiatus since its sister ship Duolos last visited, this eagerly awaited arrival will see the majestic vessel dock at the Mbaraki wharf. It will be open to the public from August 23rd to October 3rd, operating from Tuesday to Sunday. A dedicated preparation team is already on the ground ensuring everything is in order for this momentous event.

During a press briefing, Constanza Figueroa, a member of the advance team, expressed the ship’s noble purpose as part of the GBA (Good Books for All) initiative. The core objective of MV Logos Hope is to share knowledge, extend assistance, and ignite hope in every port it visits. With an impressive track record of visiting over 150 countries and territories, this floating haven of books has made an indelible impact worldwide.

Figueroa enthusiastically shared, “As you step foot aboard MV Logos Hope, you will be captivated by an expansive collection of over 5,000 diverse book titles, all offered at affordable prices. These literary treasures cover a wide range of subjects, encompassing science, sports, hobbies, cookery, arts, medicine, languages, and faith.”

The ship’s commitment to catering to all reading preferences is highlighted, with a comprehensive selection that includes children’s books, academic texts, dictionaries, atlases, and much more. MV Logos Hope truly offers something for everyone, ensuring that the thirst for knowledge is quenched for all who come on board.

Notably, the ship prides itself on its multicultural crew, consisting of dedicated Kenyans and passionate volunteers hailing from approximately 60 different nations. These extraordinary individuals have selflessly committed one or more years of their lives to serve on board, embodying the spirit of unity and cooperation.

The crew of MV Logos Hope will actively promote literacy, education, cross-cultural understanding, and social awareness, embodying the ship’s mission to reflect God’s compassion for the world. Figueroa explained, “Our dedicated crew members will extend assistance, engage in community care initiatives, and collaborate with local organizations to bring hope and inspiration to the people of Mombasa.”

The vessel is currently en route to Muscat, Oman, after successfully visiting Abu Dhabi. Before reaching Mombasa, MV Logos Hope will also make a stopover at Seychelles. Civilotti revealed the crew’s intention to share knowledge and establish fruitful connections with local health organizations, enabling them to provide valuable donations and support.

Walid Timimi, the Marine Services Manager at Inchcape Services, expressed his excitement while working alongside a multi-stakeholder committee to ensure a seamless experience for the ship’s arrival. He also celebrated the presence of Kenyan individuals working in the engine room of the ship, expressing optimism for productive collaborations with various organizations. Timimi joyfully shared, “As part of their engagement, they will conduct joint training sessions for seafarers with the Bandari Maritime Academy in August.”

He added that this partnership with GBA presents numerous opportunities for Kenya to explore, as he eagerly anticipated the arrival of MV Logos Hope, hoping it will pave the way for future visits from other ships affiliated with the initiative.

This extraordinary tale of serving others through ocean-going vessels began in 1970 with the acquisition of the original Logos ship. Since then, these magnificent ships have gracefully graced over 480 ports in more than 150 countries and territories, warmly welcoming over 49 million visitors on board. MV Logos Hope’s ultimate goal is to share knowledge, offer assistance, and inspire hope at every port it visits.

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