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A Poetry Contest Honouring Kenya's Coastal Region

Use the poetry contest entry form below to submit your poem on Kenya’s coastal region, employing whatever style you prefer. Check the Submission Guidelines on the right for the nitty-gritty details. For more information, read the official contest rules.

    Please review the following guidelines before submitting your poem:

    • Submit only one poem, one time. Multiple submissions will disqualify you.
    • Avoid copying and pasting your poem as it can alter formatting and create random text characters.
    • Ensure your poem has 30 lines or fewer.
    • Follow basic capitalization rules. Do not write in all caps or capitalize every word. Only capitalize proper nouns, like names and places. The first word of each line may be capitalized.
    • Proofread your poem for grammatical errors before submission.
    • Avoid using texting language. Write out all words properly.
    • Poems with vulgar, offensive, or inappropriate language will not be accepted.
    • Use the “Enter” key to start a new line and indicate intentional line breaks for proper lineation.

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