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A Poetry Contest: Honouring Kenya’s Coastal Region

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A Poetry Contest Honouring Kenya's Coastal Region

Verse Along the Indian Ocean: Showcase Your Talent in Our Kenya Coastal Region Poetry Contest

Are you an aspiring poet looking for a new challenge or a seasoned writer ready to take on a new project? We are thrilled to announce a poetry competition focused on the stunning coastal region of Kenya. Whether you’re a novice or a pro, we invite poets from around Kenya to participate and showcase their creativity!

poetry Contest

Kenya’s coastal region is a mesmerizing part of the country, packed with breath-taking scenery and a vibrant culture, and we’re excited to see how it will inspire our poets. We encourage all poets to embrace the theme of the competition and focus on the region’s culture, history, people, or environment.


  • Theme

The theme of this poetry competition is Kenya’s coastal region. We encourage you to focus on the rich history, diverse culture, beautiful people, and unique environment of the region in your poems.

  • Length

Your poem should be no longer than 30 lines. We believe that limiting the length of the poem will challenge you to convey your message in a concise and impactful way.

  • Style and Subject

We welcome all forms of poetry and subjects in this competition. Whether you prefer free verse, sonnets, or haiku, feel free to experiment with your style and subject. We only ask that your poem relates to the coastal region of Kenya and tells a unique story.

  • Language

All poems must be written in English. We acknowledge that there are many beautiful languages spoken in the coastal region of Kenya, but for the sake of fair judgment, we ask that all poems be written in English.

  • Multiple Entries

You may submit as many poems as you wish. We believe that poetry is a reflection of your soul, and we encourage you to submit as many pieces as you feel represent your love for the coastal region of Kenya.

  • Originality

Poetry must be unpublished, and free from any claims by other parties. You must be the sole author of the work. You may not submit someone else’s work.

  • Submission: 

Please submit your poems via this link, with the subject line “Poetry Competition.” Ensure that you fill in all required fields and attach your poems in the designated format.

  • Deadline

The submission deadline is the 31st of March 2023. Late entries will not be accepted. We urge you to submit your poems before the deadline, as no entries will be considered after the cutoff date.

  • Judging

Our panel of judges will assess the poems based on creativity, originality, and adherence to the theme. We have assembled a panel of experts with a keen eye for detail and a passion for poetry. Rest assured that your poems will be judged fairly and impartially.

  • Announcement

We will announce the winner on our website and social media platforms on the 10th of April 2023. We encourage you to check our website and social media platforms regularly for updates on the competition.

  • Prize

The winner will receive a cash prize of Ksh 5000, the second runner-up will receive Ksh 2000, and the third will receive Ksh 1000. We hope that this prize will inspire you to continue expressing your love for the coastal region of Kenya through poetry.

  • Publication

The three winning poems will be published on our website, and we will credit each poem to its author. Copyright and ownership of all poems remain with the authors. We respect your intellectual property and will only use your poems with your permission.

  • Agreement to terms

By submitting your poem, you agree to the competition rules and give permission for your poem to be published on our website if selected as a winner.

  • Inquiries

For any inquiries or technical difficulties, please contact us here.

We are looking forward to reading the submissions for this poetry contest. We hope that this competition will encourage more people to explore their creativity and express their love for this beautiful region through poetry.

Poetry has the power to move, inspire, and connect people, and we’re excited to see the different perspectives and emotions that this competition will evoke. So, dust off your pens and reveal your inner poet! 

poetry Contest

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