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What would retirement in Kenya’s coastal region look like?

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What would retirement in Kenya’s coastal region look like? Learn here about the retirement lifestyle you could enjoy in this beautiful area.
Kenya’s coastal region has a lot to offer for those seeking a tropical retirement destination. We have handpicked a few merits to guide you while making that crucial decision. For a more in-depth information request, send us an email and we will be happy to answer all your questions.


Retirement in Kenya’s coastal region is very affordable. Housing prices, although having increased a lot in the last decade, are still below that of most countries, with very good locations offering 3 bedroomed apartments from approx. ?? million KES to 30 million KES. Of course, the more prestigious properties can be far more expensive.
Activities such as eating out, range from pub meals to fine dining, which should cost anywhere between 2000KSH to 4000 KSH per head while hobbies such as golfing will cost approximately Ksh 100,000 for a membership to a first-class golf course. The cost of living is also low, and as a result, a retiree will find that their pension goes a lot further than in many other countries.

Health Care

There are several international-grade institutions available in the region which are privately run. These private facilities have highly qualified medical staff and the latest medical equipment, so they can easily diagnose and treat a patient. Their charges are much higher than those in public hospitals, but foreigners will find even that amount to be surprisingly affordable. Foreigners are not bound to purchase a private health insurance plan, but they are strongly recommended to do so. While private medical aid is a must, but the expense does buy you excellent medical care.


Retirement in Kenya’s coastal region brings with it sunshine galore and weather that isn’t too hot or humid. Kenya’s coastal region has a pleasant climate with long sunny days to enjoy your time by the pool, on the golf course or simply relaxing at home. The region enjoys a tropical wet and dry climate. The amount of rainfall essentially depends on the season. The rainiest months are April and May, while rainfall is minimal between January and February.
Since the region is located near the equator, there’s only a slight seasonal temperature variation, with high temperatures ranging from 28.8–33.7 °C (83.8–92.7 °F).

The People

Kenyans are a friendly and happy nation, and down here in the coastal region, it’s no different. Their big smiles, and the friendly Jambo (greetings) and Karibu (welcome) are around every corner.


Kenya’s coastal region has an array of things you can indulge in since the weather is always warm. The Tsavo national reserve is the start of the abundance of attractions on offer. From the many parks both marine and overland to the bubbling nightlife, the region has plenty to offer. Head over to the attractions section for a comprehensive list of the region’s attractions.

Sporting Hobbies

Kenya’s coastal region boasts several golf courses, some of which are truly first class. For the young, at heart, the miles of coastline are a haven for swimmers, divers, and boating activities.

Household Support

In Kenya, it is normal to employ household staff. Most typically gardeners and housekeepers are paid about Ksh15,000 – Ksh20,000 per month. This saves you some of those time-consuming and heavier chores when you could be enjoying your time with more leisurely pursuits.

Rainbow Nation

Kenya’s coastal region is multicultural, where people from all over the world have made it their permanent home, and you will find it a friendly and welcoming place. Language barriers for those who speak English are non-existent and those from French, German and Dutch speaking communities will find several support and networking groups that will help them settle in.


Keeping in touch with loved ones back home can be an important consideration. Those who have visited Kenya’s coastal region will already know, that the country boasts all the modern forms of communication you will be used to. Most homes are equipped with internet and the 4g network is widely available.

Infrastructure – Getting Around

Getting around is not an issue in this region, for the retired who may wish to engage in both local and international travel. There’s an International airport, thousands of kilometres of good roads, a standard gauge railway, with high-speed trains connecting the region to Nairobi, licensed taxis, tuk-tuks, and boda-boda (motor-bike taxis) for the daring ones.

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