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Fireworks in mombasa 2021

fireworks in mombasa 2021

One of the best things about celebrating new years eve is sitting under the stars with your favourite drink and of course with family and friends while waiting for the “kabooms” that light up the night sky.
Unfortunately, last year, New year’s events and firework displays were cancelled in most places around the country due to the rapidly spreading coronavirus. Thankfully, restrictions have been lifted off as more and more people get vaccinated.
Whether you are spending this holiday weekend at the beach, camping, or hosting a backyard cookout, there is sure to be a fireworks show near you that you can watch near you.
But if you’re not sure where to see the best displays of fireworks near you, we’ve rounded up a selection of where you can watch fireworks tonight.

Fireworks Near Me

Xanas Restaurant And Lounge

Location: Cowrie shells Beach Apartments


Phone: 0728 140105

MoonShine Mombasa

Location: Nyali Mombasa, Coast Province, Kenya


Phone: 0722 904681

Kilua Beach Resort 

Location: Dolphin Rd Mombasa, Coast Province, Kenya 80100


Phone: 0759 001001

EnglishPoint Marina

Location: Silos Road, Mombasa


Phone: +254 730 930107

Char-Choma Restaurant

Location: Aga Khan Beach Cottages, Mombasa


phone: 0794 673598


Mamangina Drive

Location: Mombasa Island Mombasa, Coast Province, Kenya 80100

Phone: 0750 856511

Fort Jesus Sound and Light Show


Location: Fort Jesus Mombasa, Coast Province, Kenya

Phone: 0726 520759

PrideInn Flamingo Beach Resort & Spa

Location: Shanzu Mombasa, Coast Province, Kenya 80109


Phone: 0709 374000

Kusini Tavern

Location: Mnarani-Kilifi Kilifi, Coast Province, Kenya 80108


Phone: 0115 976370

Kingston Beach Lounge

Location: Baobab Rd, Mombasa


Phone: 0714 555666

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