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Nguuni Nature Sanctuary

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Nguuni nature sanctuary
Nguuni nature santuary

Nguuni nature sanctuary Mombasa offers a one-of-a-kind experience for those who are enamoured by the elegance of giraffes. Here, you can come face to face with these majestic creatures as they roam freely in their natural habitat.

With the recent downpour of the late April rains, Nguuni nature sanctuary will soon be under a lush green coat of grass flecked with colourful wildflowers. Creating a picture of what Africa should be; miles of open fields where giraffes gracefully roam free, randomly snaking away. A place where the skyline lacks the very destructive human touch.
Just ten minutes away from Bamburi, Nguuni Nature Sanctuary is a reclaimed 28 acres patch of land adorned with acacia trees, shrubs, and ponds. Once considered infertile and inhabitable, Nguuni’s nature sanctuary is a result of one man’s ( Dr. Rene Haller) vision that saw an exhausted quarry turned into an oasis where animals and birds now thrive.

The sanctuary is home to families of giraffes, onyx, birds, snakes, bees, and elands.
It provides a perfect picnic location set against a stunning backdrop with a healthy number of giraffes that will happily photobomb you, giving you Instagram-worthy out-of-Africa pictures enough to give any influencer a tone of the much-coveted likes.

Nguuni nature sanctuary

The scenery dramatically changes with the change of seasons. During the wet months of the year, this expanse of wilderness transitions into a photogenic green landscape with lots of colourful wildflowers, and when the rain goes, it turns into a savanna landscape. The wet months offer the most beautiful scenery. Though muddy and sometimes slippery( if you are walking) a visit during the days when the rain breaks and the sky is clear is the most preferable for me. The afternoons are better as the guides hold animal feeding sessions, and you get a bonus of the sun setting behind the Nguu Tatu Hills.

The sanctuary offers picnic grounds, an events area, camping grounds public library, and a dispensary for the locals.
My thoughts: The management could consider adding a few other species like zebras and maybe another ostrich to keep the one already there company.
Who goes here: Families, couples, friends, and solo travellers
What to wear: closed-toe footwear if trekking up, comfortable clothing, a hat, and sunscreen.

What to bring: a happy attitude, friends, snacks and a camera.

Guides are available upon request at the entrance.

Admission Rates at Nguuni Nature Sanctuary

When it comes to admission rates, Nguuni nature sanctuary offers different prices for residents and non-residents. Resident adults can enjoy the sanctuary at a cost of Kshs.350.00 while non-resident adults will be charged Kshs.800.00. This allows visitors who live locally to enjoy the beauty of the sanctuary at a more affordable price.

Hours: Everyday from 9:00 – 5:00

Contact: 0700 337068

Location: Off Kiembeni Road, Mombasa

Reminders, always respect wild animals.

Nguuni nature sanctuary
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