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Whispers Café

Off the bustling streets and alleyways of Lamu’s Old Town, Whispers Café is a well-hidden gem. An oasis amid Lamu’s old town hustle and bustle. A small cozy garden at the back where tourists can rest and recharge. It’s owned by a friendly Aussie lady who’s been living in Lamu for more than 30 years.

Whispers Café offers tasty homemade desserts, snacks, finely blended healthy smoothies, fresh juices, coffee, and more.

The garden at the back is shaded with beautiful vines running on the walls, flowers, and trees. It connects to Baraka Gallery where you’ll find a collection of unique pieces from across Africa including carving, masks, wall hangings, jewellery among others.


  • Family friendly
  • Good coffee
  • Mid- range budget


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The Moorings seafood restaurant

The Moorings seafood restaurant is one of the oldest, well-known restaurants and your first choice for fish, lobster, crab, and prawns. Situated on the North coast of Mombasa,

The Moorings seafood restaurant is situated along the Mtwapa creek and offers a great waterfront setting with spectacular views of the creek.

Some of the most popular dishes they offer include fresh local seafood, steak, chicken, and pasta; and pizza.

Quick Overview of The Moorings seafood restaurant

  • Cuisine: local & International
  • Cuisine Styles: Vegetarian, non- vegetarian, Seafood and pizza
  • Other services: Free Wi-Fi, Takeaway, boat rides

Other Features

Live music, karaoke, pool table, family friendly, kids friendly

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