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Friends go karting in Kenya

Mombasa Go-Kart

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Located just 15 km from Mombasa’s city center, Go-Kart Mombasa is a popular family-friendly attraction and a must-visit destination for speed kings and queens. First opened in 2004 under the management of its Swiss owner, this facility has been providing a thrilling grand-Prix experience for all its visitors. Whether you’re a family looking for a fun-filled bonding time, or a group of friends looking for an exciting day out, Go-Kart Mombasa is the place to be.

Kart racing at Mombasa Go-Kart

Go kart in mombasa
Go- kart Mombasa

The 500m track at Go-Kart Mombasa is designed for speed lovers, with several rights or left sweeping curves and straights for the speeding petrol heads to test their skills. The 200cc karts can reach a maximum speed of 75km per hour, and there are three categories to choose from, with varying levels of difficulty. The karts are well-built and maintained to international standards, and safety helmets are available for each competitor. All lap times are recorded, and regular updates are announced, creating an authentic racing environment. There are two main viewing decks, one from the restaurant and a lower level one beneath the restaurant under the trees where the spectators can cheer their favorite drivers or get a photo of their loved ones in action. The Go-karting Mombasa prices vary according to the number of tracks, with all drivers getting a total of 10 laps on all levels. Minimum age and height restrictions apply, with the speed for younger or shorter kids lowered to 10km per hour.

Paintballing at Mombasa Go-Kart

Go-Kart Mombasa offers various paintballing games to keep the opponents involved and enhance competitiveness. The most popular one is ‘the capture flag’, which involves two teams trying to capture a flag provided by the facility and trying to elect it in the opponent’s base without being shot. The paintballing experience is a great way to bond with friends and family while having a thrilling experience.

Dining at Mombasa Go-kart

The Plane Lounge Café

Experience dining in a piece of history at the Plane Lounge: the newest addition to Go-Kart Mombasa’s list of facilities. Built from a DC3;ZK-BBJ airplane, that was once used in World War II. The plane lounge cafe was renovated and repurposed it into a unique restaurant. Not only can you dine in style, but you can also spend the night in one of our six guest rooms. Prices start at just 500 per person to enjoy the ambiance or host your party for 20,000.

The main restaurant

There’s also a full restaurant and a bar that offers a variety of Kenyan dishes and a few hand-picked Swiss specialties including cheese fondue and raclette.

Other activities to be enjoyed at Mombasa Go-Kart

Other activities to be enjoyed at the facility include Archery Tag, Rodeo Bull Ride, Hi-Strike, VR-Rollercoaster, 9-Pin Bowling.

Animals at Mombasa Go-Kart

Go-Kart Mombasa is also home to several animals, including a llama, 2 donkeys, fish, and goats among others, making it a perfect destination for animal lovers as well.

Other Info

Opening Hours: 10:00-01:00
Location: behind the Shanzu Petrocity Petro Station.
How to get there: Take the Mtwapa matatus from the Mombasa CBD, the fare is normally 70sh during the day. The fare might hike during the rush hours.

Website: Mombasa Go-Kart (mombasa-gokart.com)
Contacts: 0721485247

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Outdoor seating at tamarind restaurant

Established in70s by Chris Seex the tamarind restaurant was built with high arches and a crenelated roof a throwback to a bygone Arab era with the perfect setting – a starlit terrace perched atop a cliff overlooking the picturesque Mombasa’s old harbour.

The menu is a creative blend of French, Asian and African cuisines. The specialty is seafood, The prawns piri piri, chili crab, and lobster have earned the restaurant worldwide acclaim and rave reviews from international publications such as GourmetThe London Times, and The Herald Tribune

The tamarind restaurant has a seating capacity of 160 pax and attached to the restaurant is the private dining room which can seat up to 25 guests for meetings, dinner, and company celebrations. The lawn outside overlooks the old town and serves some of the best cocktails in Mombasa


Website: Tamarind Mombasa – Tamarind Group

Location: Cement Silo Road, Nyali

Phone: 0722 205 160, 0725 959 552, 020 513 9327, 020 513 9330

Email: reservations.mombasa@tamarind.co.ke

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Japanese cuisine

Misono Japanese Restaurant is one of the very few restaurants that give the locals and the tourists as well a true Japanese dining experience in Nyali Mombasa. It reflects the creative, simple nature of Japanese cuisine & philosophy, the diseases are both both authentic & localized.


Cuisines: Japanese, Seafood, Sushi, Asian

Special diets: Vegetarian Friendly, Vegan Options, Gluten Free Options

Location: Links Rd,Shanzu, Mombasa, Kenya

Phone: 0722 530204

Social Media: Instagram

Hours: Misono Japanese restaurant opens everyday from 12;00 – 21;00

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Xana’s Restaurant and Lounge is a seafront bar and restaurant located at Bamburi beach in Cowrie Shell Beach Apartments. This beautiful outdoor restaurant offers both local and international cuisine with speciality in seafood. They have a stone pizza oven and make one of the best pizzas in town.

They are a family and pet friendly establishment and hold various entertainment events each week including live music by Mombasa roots every Sunday, Karaoke Thursdays and more.

Other features

Sunbed are complementary ( remember to bring your towel)

Mini playground for the kids.

Location: Malindi road bamburi beach

Contact: +254729061000

Social Media: facebook

Hours: Mon – Friday 8;30 – 11;00

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an italian restaurant in watamu kenya

Hosteria Romana Watamu

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Hosteria is small cozy family run Italian restaurant located along the popular jacaranda street of watamu.

It offers authentic Italian dishes and one of the best coffee in Watamu.

  • Cuisine: Italian
  • Cuisine Styles: Vegetarian, non- vegetarian, Seafood and pizza
  • Other services: Free Wi-Fi, Takeaway

Other Features

Bar and restaurant, family friendly, fast food, coffee, pet friendly.

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The Dhow House

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The Dhow House is a family-friendly hotel located in Nyali, Mombasa. They offer accommodation and an outdoor bar &restaurant where various entertainment events take place during the different days of the week. Some of the most popular events include live music, karaoke nights, and quiz nights.
The Dhow House also holds a Farmer’s market once or twice a month. It has a big garden with lush green grass, large trees, and a treehouse for the kids.
It can be a perfect location for both private and public events.

Quick Overview

  • Cuisine: Local & International
  • Cuisine Styles: Vegetarian, Seafood and pizza
  • Other services: Free Wi-Fi, Takeaway and a pool

Other Features

Pet Friendly, live music, karaoke, movie, family friendly, kidsfriendly

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kenyan coastlin

Opened in 1952 Ocean sports resort in Watamu is one of the oldest hotels on the kenyan coast. This beach reasort is a family friendly resort best known for it facilities and sea food.

Ocean sports resort’s beach front restaurant offers a wide range of meals including sea food and pizzas. The beach bar rewards it’s visitors with beautiful panoramic views of the Kenyan coastline,

Quick Overview of Ocean Sports Resort

  • Cuisine: Local & International
  • Cuisine Styles: Vegetarian & non- vegetarian
  • Other: Free Wi-Fi, Takeaway and water sports facilities
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a cocktail drink in a cock tail glass

Anuba Lounge

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Located at the Nyali complex Anuba lounge is a modern bar and restaurant is one of the three entertainment establishments in the complex.  It a popular party spot offering food, music and sports.

Quick Overview Of Anuba lounge

  • Cuisine: Local & International
  • Cuisine Styles: Fast food, Seafood and pizza
  • Other services: Free Wi-Fi, Takeaway
  • Location : Nyali,Links Road Mombasa Kenya Rd
  • Budget: Mid- range
  • Contact: +254707547054, Facebook
  • Hours: Mon – Mon 10:00 – 3:00
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Cafesserie Mombasa

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Cafesserie is a French style restaurant situated in City Mall. It’s one of the most popular restaurant in Nyali and offers a central meeting point for the locals and foreigners. They offer freshly baked breads, pastries and roasted coffee beans that can be purchased at the entrance of the coffee shop. The menu is based on the French and Italian cuisines.

Quick Overview

  • Cuisine: International
  • Cuisine Styles: Vegetarian & non vegetarian
  • Other services: Free Wi-Fi, Takeaway
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Fish and rice AT TAPAs cielo

Tapas Cielo

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Located within the Nyali center complex Tapas Cielo IS a modern cocktail bar and restaurant popular among the locals and tourists.

With a chilled atmosphere Tapas is a great place to watch football and drink. It’s décor is slate grey, stone, and chrome, enhanced by cool blue lighting and with a zap of energetic red light around the bar itself.

  • Cuisine: Local & International
  • Cuisine Styles: Seafood, fast-food and pizza
  • Other services: Free Wi-Fi, Takeaway
  • Location : Nyali Centre, Links Rd, Mombasa
  • Budget: High end
  • Contact: 0739 888888, Facebook
  • Hours: Mon – Fri 12:00 to 5:00 AM
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The  coastal region of Kenya epitomizes wealth and luxury at its best. However, there are so many things that tourists can do which do not fit into these two categories. If you are looking to travel on a budget or simply go backpacking – or beach hopping as they call it – there are so many amazing activities you can fit into your itinerary without the fear of emptying your wallets.

a man playing football at the beach
live like a local in mombasa
  • Take a trip to a sandbank: Enjoy the crystal clear waters while swimming or floating in the sea or just be lazy and simply get your tans on.
  • Play football with the locals: Football is a sport enjoyed by almost all Kenyans and it is a common sight to see youngsters and adults enjoying a friendly game of football on the beach.
  • Drink a coconut on the beach: Enjoy the simpler things in life as you drink a fresh coconut picked right from the palm while you watch.
  • Eat like a local :Try ‘Mbaazi za Nazi’  a favourite delicacy among the Swahili, which is a must have for breakfast in many coastal households. The popular dish can be enjoyed with Mbaazi (peas) made in mbuzi a handy tool used for extracting coconut fresh from the mature coconuts.
  • Learn to cook something new: It is fascinating to see how Kenyans prepare food using age-old techniques tools and unique ingredients. There are many Swahili specialties you can try your hand at. Freshly available fruits and vegetables are usually available.
  • Go cashless with mobile money: Mobile-money platforms allow users to withdraw, deposit, transfer cash, and pay bills with a cell phone via secure text message. M-Pesa, Airtel Money, and Equitel Money are some of the major ones. You’ll need a Kenyan SIM card and some ID, and you can sign up at authorized agents all over the town, at supermarkets, banks, cell phone stores, etc.
 A Swahi Dhow in mombasa
  • Learn a few Swahili phrases: Swahili is an official language of Kenya . While it may seem very difficult to learn, you can always stick to the most commonly used phrases and surprise the locals.
  • Take a matatu : These fourteen passenger vans function as the local transit system but the experience feels more like party buses. They’re the most affordable way to get around and while they are also prevalent in other cities like Nairobi and Dar es Salaam (known as the dala dala in Tanzania), Mombasa has its own special breed. Enjoy the ride and if lucky the conducta  9 (tout) may ask for your hand in marriage.
  • Work out at the beach: Wake up to the call of roosters if not the happy chatters of the locals heading to the beach for a fitness session. Between 5:30 A.M and  7 A.M. and again at dusk, locals take to the beach to work out before jumping in the sea to cool off.
  • Enjoy popular beach bites and sips: The coast, has some of the most tantalizing snacks and drinks, sample some of these while soaking up the sun.
Cassava crisps:

-Kachiri za muhogo/Cassava crisps: prepared using raw cassava tubers, the inner rind and outer skin are removed and the rest is cut into very thin slices using a vegetable peeler or metal cheese slicer. The chips are then fried or deep fried in coconut oil, salted and often spiced with red chili powder.

-Mnazi/Palm wine: Palm wine is an alcoholic beverage created from the sap of various species of palm tree such as the palmyra , date palms , and coconut palms. It’s also very famous in Mombasa and drank by people of all ages, both men and women.

-Viazi vya karai: They are simply boiled potatoes covered in batter, it’s a snack and can be taken as a starter. It’s sold in almost every corner of of the city

Tamarind juice: made from the tamarind pods tamarind juice is said to have numerous health benefits.

  • Take a glass bottom boat ride: A stay in Mombasa is incomplete without a ride on the glass bottom boats. Get a good view of the marine world without getting your feet wet.
  • Try your hand at local handiwork: Traditional handicraft in kenya includes masaai bead-work, soapstone carving basket weaving etc.. Which you can attempt with complete guidance and support.
  • Eat freshly caught fish (fishing/barbecue): Cook a meal from freshly caught fish in the middle of the ocean or barbecue them on shore .
  • Say habari, not jambo: English is one of the national languages, but the glue that binds us all together is our real national—and regional—language, Kiswahili. Say hello—habari? Respond with mzuri, or mzuri sana—good, very good. Si mbaya—not bad. Or be hip and speak sheng, Nairobi’s street talk: niaje? How is it (going?).Response: Poa – Cool. People say jambo—a form of hello—only to tourists
  • Master the national staple. Ugali/Sima, a hard porridge made from maize flour, is the national dish. People eat ugali mostly at home; it’s not something you’d order in a restaurant, unless as an accompaniment to nyama choma. But it can’t hurt to learn how to eat it: take a pinch of ugali with your hand, roll it into a ball, squeeze, then dip into your stew or veggies scoop and eat.
  • Drink chai… Tea is a leading foreign-exchange earner for Kenya, and we are one of the largest producers in the world, thanks to the tea culture brought over by the British and the Indians. Drink it black , or with milk.
  • …but do not give chai. Chai, informally, is a bribe.
  • Eat Nyama Choma: It’s the type of meat you can remember for a lifetime, the type of meat that builds memories and creates lasting impressions. Naturally grazed, grass fed, freshly butchered, and supremely roasted. ( ask the locals where’s their favourite Choma joint). Nyama Choma is often paired with a cold Tusker ( most popular beer in kenya) ,side dishes such as ugali /sima and a tomato onion salad .
  • Drink a cold Tusker.  Kenya’s most-loved beer brand, is best served baridi—cold. Burudika. (Enjoy.)
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