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The Mombasa Rally Set to Light Up the Night at Vipingo

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The Mombasa Rally

The Mombasa Rally Set to Light Up the Night at Vipingo, Mombasa

The Mombasa Rally, a venerable event and the only sea-level round of the season, is set to take place at the scenic Mombasa Cement factory grounds in the picturesque Vipingo region of North Coast. This rally, known for its rich history, is gearing up for an exciting twist as it introduces night stages into the mix.

Adding to the anticipation, the night stages will consist of two challenging segments, each spanning a formidable 22 kilometers. These stages are set to provide an adrenaline-fueled spectacle that competitors and fans have been eagerly waiting for. To enhance the night rally experience, there will be an intermediate holding period between the two stages, allowing crews to regroup and prepare for the next leg of their exhilarating journey.

Mark your calendars for Saturday, September 9th, when the action kicks off at 8 pm with the start of the night stages. This promises to be a thrilling evening of rallying under the cover of darkness, a rarity in the world of motorsport. The night stages are already being hailed as the most exciting part of the entire event by top-notch competitors, including McRae Kimathi and the rally leader, Jasmeet Chana.

As the night stages unfold, drivers and navigators will face a unique set of challenges. The limited visibility of the night will test their precision and reliance on the crucial pacenotes. Trusting these notes will be essential as they navigate technical sections with obstacles and fast corners. Even with powerful lights on their cars, the darkness adds an element of unpredictability and excitement.

Naushad Kara Lota, a multiple former Coast Champion, expressed his enthusiasm for the night stages and emphasized the importance of accuracy in pacenotes. Drawing from his experience in club night rallies, he believes the Mombasa Rally’s night stages will be a whole new level of challenge, featuring spectacular yet demanding routes.

Notably, the Mombasa Rally will retain its status as a sea-level event, making it a distinctive round in the Kenya National Rally Championship (KNRC). The rally is set to create memories at the Mombasa Cement factory grounds in Vipingo, a location renowned for its breathtaking views and challenging terrain.

Following the conclusion of the two electrifying night stages, participating cars will head straight to the overnight Parc Ferme located within the confines of the Mombasa Cement Factory. This unique arrangement adds a sense of excitement and intrigue to the rally, ensuring that the competitors and spectators alike will have an unforgettable experience.

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