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The Plant One Tree Movement Kenya

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The Plant One Tree Movement Kenya was established in November 2019 by Hai Kenya, a company that crafts and sells wooden sand toys. Hai Kenya plants an indigenous tree for every sand toy sold to support reforestation and combat deforestation in Kenya. The goal was to create a movement through the use of the hashtag #plantonetreemovementkenya, inspiring other businesses to adopt similar initiatives on a particular day each month (The day of the movement). 

The objectives of the Plant One Tree Movement Kenya are:

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  1. To increase the number of trees planted in Kenya
  2. To support and raise awareness for existing tree-planting initiatives in the country
  3. Provide a means for businesses and individuals to support tree-planting efforts in Kenya
  4. Raise awareness about the importance of trees in Kenya, as the country currently only has 7% forest coverage
  5. Initiate a discussion about the importance of trees in Kenya and the need for reforestation.

How can you be part of the Plant One Tree Movement Kenya?

For Businesses

The Plant One Tree Movement Kenya invites companies to participate by pledging to plant an indigenous tree for every purchase made on designated “Movement Days.” These days align with special events such as Valentine’s Day, World Environment Day, and the International Day of Forests. Businesses can choose the level of their involvement, with some participating for a whole month. 

The movement creates a social media post to showcase the company’s participation and provides a certificate of appreciation. Additionally, the movement will coordinate with the selected tree-planting scheme on behalf of the business and provide payment information for funding the project.

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For Individuals

The movement has expanded to include gift certificates for individuals to donate to tree planting in Kenya on special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, and weddings. These certificates offer individuals a way to support the cause and contribute to the reforestation of Kenya.

The Plant One Tree Movement operates on a non-profit basis, and there is no monetary gain from the initiative. The movement closely monitors the progress of these tree planting initiatives and has already seen positive outcomes, such as the Ngangao Forest (Taita Hills)Restoration project planting its first batch of new trees into the burnt area of the forest. The cost of planting a tree ranges from 100 to 130 shillings, depending on the chosen tree planting scheme.

Along the coast region of Kenya, the movement currently supports and raises awareness of initiatives such as Mikoko Pamoja, We Are Leaf, Kivukoni Nursery, and Green Heart Tree Nursery, which focus on mangrove replanting and the planting of indigenous trees. 

So, why do we need trees and especially indigenous ones?

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Trees are beneficial to both humans and the environment in several ways. They help clean the air we breathe, they have a positive impact on our mental health, replenish drinking water sources, provide food and livelihood, and enhance farmland. Trees, particularly indigenous ones, play a crucial role in maintaining a healthy environment and improving our quality of life.

From an environmental perspective, trees support biodiversity and species diversity, reduce flooding, support smaller plants, cool the air and create rainfall, capture carbon, and cool the earth. By planting indigenous trees, we can help preserve the unique and diverse ecosystems of different regions and support the continued existence of indigenous plant and animal species.

Join The Movement!

Get involved and Be Part of the Solution for a Greener Kenya – Plant a Tree Today! The movement’s next event is scheduled for Valentine’s Day, as shown in the accompanying poster. To learn more about the Plant One Tree Movement Kenya, visit their Instagram page @plantonetreemovementkenya or contact them via email at plantonetreemovement@gmail.com.

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The Plant One Tree Movement Kenya
The Plant One Tree Movement Kenya

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