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A Poetry Contest Honouring Kenya's Coastal Region

Use the poetry contest entry form below to submit your poem on Kenya’s coastal region, employing whatever style you prefer. Check the Submission Guidelines on the right for the nitty-gritty details. For more information, read the official contest rules.

    Please review the following guidelines before submitting your poem:

    • Submit only one poem, one time. Multiple submissions will disqualify you.
    • Avoid copying and pasting your poem as it can alter formatting and create random text characters.
    • Ensure your poem has 30 lines or fewer.
    • Follow basic capitalization rules. Do not write in all caps or capitalize every word. Only capitalize proper nouns, like names and places. The first word of each line may be capitalized.
    • Proofread your poem for grammatical errors before submission.
    • Avoid using texting language. Write out all words properly.
    • Poems with vulgar, offensive, or inappropriate language will not be accepted.
    • Use the “Enter” key to start a new line and indicate intentional line breaks for proper lineation.
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        Leven als God in Kenya

        22jaar geleden belandde ik toevallig in Kenya voor een korte vakantie.

        Midden in de nacht kwam ik aan in kikambala. Electricitiet was uitgevallen , we werden in ons hotel ontvangen in het donker en met een kaars naar onze kamer gebracht.Ik dacht …waar zijn we nu beland?Maar s’morgens oh wat een verrassing!!de zon, de palmbomen en de oceaan te zien vanuit onze kamer.

        Ik was op slag verliefd op dit land.Nu 22jaar later ben ik nog steeds verliefd op.

        Wat spreekt mij zo aan ….


        Ten eerste het klimaat, de natuur , deze is zo verscheiden,… de zee, de palmbomen, wildparken,theeplantages,ananasplantages, , dorre steppes,hitte, koude, heuvels, bergen  meren,….

        De mensen de Kenyanen zijn een vriendelijk en gastvrij en goedlachs volk, met een eeuwige glimlach

        Het ritmevan het leven, alles polé polé, hier kom je tot rustna vele jarenn van werkstress.

        De  vele restaurants en bars lekker eten en een goed glas lokaal bier.

        Hier wil ik niet meer weg…

        Kenya I love you

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        How To Find The Perfect Rental Property In Mombasa

        Perhaps you’re already searching for an apartment, house, or a place of work, but not quite ready to buy. Pwani or Kenya’s coastal region is home to thousands of prime real estate rentals perfect for anyone looking to relocate to our beautiful coastline. Below we’ve included some resources to help you discover your perfect rental, along with suggestions on how to find the place. Happy hunting!

        Begin your search early.

        Starting your search for the perfect property sooner, rather than later, will often yield the best results. According to real estate experts, the best time to begin looking is towards the end of the previous month, when inventory is higher. If you’re looking to move in on October 1, for example, you’ll want to begin your search around from mid-September.

        Be clear about your budget and requirements.

        Before you begin your search, it’s important to have a clear understanding of your budget and requirements. This will help you narrow down your options and find the properties that best fit your needs. Consider factors such as the size of the property, the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, and any other specific amenities you may require.

        Consider locating a good property manager.

        A property manager will be able to assist you in getting your property leased and also handle the day-to-day landlord duties such as: collecting rent, handling maintenance requests, overseeing and scheduling repairs, lease renewals, and more. A good property manager can help save you time and money in the long run.

        Be ready to move.

        The perfect rental is bound to come along, and when it does, you’ll want to be ready to move on it. It usually only takes one to two days for the paperwork.

        Know your neighbours.

        Even before you move in, you should try talking to the potential neighbours and current tenants to find out more information on the property. Remember to ask about how accessible the landlord is when problems arise, what repairs need to be done on the property, and what they like or don’t like about living there.

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        Submit a review

        Have you recently had an outstanding experience with a business or product purchased within the coastal region of Kenya? Or perhaps the opposite, a frustrating encounter that left you disappointed? We would love for you to share your experiences with us.
        At Visit Nyali we believe in providing our readers with honest and informative reviews to help them make informed purchasing decisions. That’s why we’re, asking for your help by sharing your experiences with our community.
        Whether it’s a glowing review of an Booking.com that you stayed at during your last staycation that exceeded your expectations or a negative experience with a business that left you feeling let down, we want to hear it all. Your honest feedback will not only help others make better decisions, but it will also help businesses improve their services and products.

        But what exactly are service and location reviews, and why should you write them? Let’s dive into the details.

        Service and Location Reviews: What Are They?

        Service reviews are written feedback that describes the quality of service received from a particular business or individual. For instance, if you visited a spa and received a massage, a service review would detail the type of massage you received, the name of the spa, and the name of the therapist who provided the service.

        On the other hand, location reviews are feedback about the specific location where the service was provided. If you had a meal at a restaurant, a location review would describe the atmosphere, décor, and overall experience of dining at that particular location.

        Why Write Service and Location Reviews?

        Writing service and location reviews can help you make a difference in your community. By sharing your experiences, you can give other consumers an idea of what to expect when they visit a particular business or location. Positive reviews can help businesses attract more customers, while constructive criticism in negative reviews can help businesses improve their services and products.

        Share Your Experiences
        Share Your Experiences: Write Honest Reviews

        How to Write Effective Service Reviews

        Ready to share your experiences and make an impact in your community? Follow these tips to write effective service reviews:

        1. Describe the service you received and who provided it. Be as specific and detailed as possible. Mention the type of service, the name of the business, and the name of the person who provided the service.
        2. Provide an overview of your experience. Share your honest thoughts about the service. Was it enjoyable or disappointing? Was the staff friendly and welcoming or rude and unprofessional? Be constructive in your feedback, and avoid overly negative or aggressive language.
        3. Highlight any standout aspects of the service. If you received excellent customer service, mention the staff member’s name and provide specific examples of what they did to make your experience exceptional. On the other hand, if there were issues or problems with the service, mention them, but also provide suggestions on how the business can improve.
        4. Offer tips or recommendations for future customers. For example, if you recommend arriving early for your appointment or bringing a particular item with you, mention it in your review.

        How to Write Effective Location Reviews

        With these tips, you can craft thoughtful and informative reviews that will help others discover the best places to visit.

        1. Focus on the specific location where you received the service. Mention the name and location of the business and any specific details about the décor, ambiance, or atmosphere.
        2. Provide an overview of your experience at that location. Share your honest thoughts about the overall atmosphere. Was it enjoyable or noisy and chaotic? Were the staff friendly and accommodating or disinterested in your presence? Be constructive in your feedback.
        3. Highlight any standout aspects of the location. For instance, if the restaurant had a beautiful view, mention it and provide specific details. If there were issues or problems, mention them, but also provide suggestions on how the business can improve.
        4. Offer tips or recommendations for future customers at that particular location. For example, if you recommend making a reservation ahead of time or sitting in a particular area of the location, mention it in your review.
        5. Be specific and detailed about your experience. Avoid generic statements and describe the specific details of your experience.
        6. Be honest and constructive in your feedback. Don’t sugar-coat your experience but offer suggestions on how the business can improve.
        7. Highlight standout aspects of your experience, whether positive or negative. Use specific examples to illustrate your points.
        8. Use proper grammar and spelling to enhance the credibility of your review.
        9. Avoid personal biases or experiences from clouding your judgment.

        Are you ready to share your experiences and help others make informed decisions while supporting businesses in the coastal region of Kenya? Submit your honest review by typing it in the form below or sending it directly to us here. We look forward to hearing from you!

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