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Valentine’s Day On Budget

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18 ways to celebrate Valentine’s day on budget in Mombasa

Don’t let a tight budget ruin the magic of Valentine’s Day! As we approach the most romantic time of the year, the pressure to spend big on gifts and experiences can be overwhelming, especially in Mombasa, where demand for romantic getaways can drive prices sky-high. But don’t let the budget blues steal the joy from your Valentine’s week/weekend. So, get ready to ignite the passion and bring a smile to your loved one’s face with these budget-friendly yet oh-so-romantic ideas! 

sunrise or sunset watch

Hold hands and take a leisurely evening stroll along the beach, or, if you’re an early riser, rise and shine to catch the first light of day together and watch the sunrise from the comfort of each other’s arms, these moments are priceless and will be treasured forever. soaking up the warm glow of the sun or taking in the romantic hues of a sunset, is a moment to cherish and remember forever. Remember to capture the moment with a photo or two! 

Go on a coffee date

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with a cosy coffee date at your favourite café. Take a break from the hustle and bustle and enjoy a heartfelt conversation over a cup of tea.  A simple yet intimate moment over a cuppa and good conversation is a budget-friendly way to celebrate the holiday and cherish each other’s company. Spend the hour savouring each other’s company and create lasting memories.

Go on a picnic

Experience the beauty of nature and deepen your bond with a romantic picnic. Gather a basket of tempting treats, refreshing drinks, and a cozy blanket, and find a tranquil spot at a park or beach. Create a relaxing ambiance and engage in a meaningful conversation where you can truly focus on each other. Or, simply sit back and relish each other’s company while observing the world go by.

Homemade meals

Spice up your Valentine’s Day by cooking a meal together at home. Choose a recipe that you both love, head to the grocery store together to gather the ingredients, and then return home to start the cooking fun. Put on some music, roll your sleeves, and work together to create a delicious feast. Set the mood by lighting some candles. So, turn off your screens, turn up the music, and cook up a storm with your significant other this Valentine’s Day.

Skip the Valentine-themed chocolate.

Valentine's day On Budget

Put a personal spin on your sweet gesture this Valentine’s Day by saying goodbye to pre-packaged chocolates with fancy wrappings and high prices. Head to your local supermarket and choose chocolates that are budget friendly and represent your love and tastes. Give them a one-of-a-kind touch by wrapping them in a paper you’ve crafted. And don’t settle for a bland, mass-produced card; write your personal message on a handmade Valentine’s Day card. Your special someone will cherish the extra thought and effort you’ve put into making their gift special, and you’ll create a memory to last a lifetime.

Camping or staycation

Experience a romantic escape in the great outdoors with a camping adventure or a cozy staycation. For the nature-lovers, opt for a camping trip at one of the local parks, where you can bond over a love for the great outdoors. The Kenya Wildlife Service offers affordable camping facilities in most parks, making it a budget-friendly way to spend quality time together. If you prefer a more comfortable setting, browse through Airbnb and book a charming apartment or cottage where you and your significant other can spend the weekend in intimate solitude.

learn things new things

Embrace your creativity and try something new together this Valentine’s Day. Take a salsa, yoga class, or even a painting workshop, and have fun learning and growing together. Search on Instagram for local classes and workshops that cater to your interests and budget and make a day out of it. Whether you’re shaking it on the dance floor or creating masterpieces on canvas, you’re sure to have a memorable and bonding experience. So, step outside your comfort zone and try something new with your loved one this Valentine’s Day!

Night out

Elevate your date night by visiting a regular bar joint and enjoying each other’s company over drinks. Kenya’s coastal region offers many affordable bars and entertainment spots where you can enjoy your favourite beverages without emptying your wallet. Limit your alcohol intake and focus on each other instead. Opt for a more low-key, off-the-beaten-path beach bar, where you can sit back, relax, and enjoy a conversation. Make this night about enjoying each other’s company in a relaxed setting.

Cruise at Mtwapa creek

Get ready for an unforgettable evening together. Take in the beauty of Mtwapa Creek with a romantic sunset cruise on a yacht. Enjoy each other’s company as you watch the sun dip below the horizon, surrounded by the tranquil waters of the creek. You don’t have to book an entire yacht for yourself, most yacht companies at the creek charge per person, and you can join others for a shared experience. Check out the cruising packages available at Moorings or Lamarina; they may have special offers for couples celebrating Valentine’s Day.

Movie night

Snuggle up on the couch, make homemade popcorn, or order your favorite takeout for a stress-free movie night. Turn off your phones, dim the lights, and get lost in the world of film. You can create a themed movie night by choosing films that fit a particular genre or era. Make it extra special by getting dressed up in your favorite loungewear and setting the mood with candles and soft lighting. It’s the perfect way to unwind and spend quality time together.

Join a group tour

Make a day of adventure and join a group tour this weekend. Explore new places and make memories together. Check out popular tour companies like Explore Photo Trip or Bora Bora to find a tour that suits your interests. The cost is spread evenly among the group, making it an affordable and enjoyable experience. So why not pick a destination you’ve always wanted to visit and spend a day discovering it together!

Hit the cinema

Choose a movie you both love and plan a fun-filled evening out. Indulge in a night of popcorn and cinema by hitting local theatres. Check out the showtimes at Nyali Cinemax and pick a movie that suits your interests. Grab a tuk-tuk or matatu for your movie night out for a cost-effective option.

Local meet up

Make new friends and bond over shared interests by joining a local meet-up! Meet up with like-minded people to explore the city, read and discuss a book, do beach clean-ups, or even plant mangrove trees. Most of these events are free to attend and offer a fun, low-cost way to spend time together and socialize. With plenty of activities to choose from, you’re sure to find one that suits your interests. And the best part? have a low admission fee if not free to join. Follow Instagram pages like Sip and Read and Discover Mombasa to find out about upcoming local meet-ups.


Sing the night away at a karaoke night. Mombasa is home to numerous mid-range bars and restaurants that offer a fun karaoke experience. To make the most of it, pace yourself on the alcohol and savour each other’s company. Browse our events section for recommendations, or check Instagram for venues hosting karaoke events. Follow some of the top karaoke hosts like Joly Karaoke and Insane Pitches to find out about the venues.

Play board games or card games.

Bring out the competitive spirit with a game night. Break out your favourite board games or card games and spend the evening laughing, teasing, and bonding with your significant other. This budget-friendly date idea is perfect for a fun-filled evening at home.

Buy a real plant

Instead of buying an expensive bouquet of flowers, consider purchasing an actual plant. Visit a local nursery (a good number of them along links road or along the main road heading to Mtwapa) and buy an actual plant together. This is a way to spend time together and have something you can watch grow over time, to symbolize the growth and nurturing aspect of your relationship. If you are not a plant person, opt for a low-maintenance plant like a peace lily, succulent, or pothos, and put them in a beautiful pot to display in your home.

Shop together online

Shopping online as a couple for Valentine’s Day gifts can be a fun and budget-friendly way to celebrate your love. By pooling your resources, you can find something that both of you will love without breaking the bank. Take some time to browse different e-commerce websites and compare prices to find the best deals. Remember that this holiday is about showing love and appreciation for each other, not the amount spent. So, whether it’s a thoughtful gesture or a small trinket, the most important thing is to choose a gift that is meaningful to both of you. By shopping online together, you can make this Valentine’s Day even more special while staying within your budget.


Taking a photo shoot together on Valentine’s Day can be an excellent way to capture memories and create keepsakes of your love. Book a professional photographer to help make stunning photos you’ll cherish forever. Find a freelance photographer in the region who will offer photoshoot packages to our budget. Whether you want a romantic outdoor shoot or a cozy indoor session, a professional photographer can help you bring your vision to life. You can also check social media and our other services section to find photographers. Commemorating your love through photos is a timeless and meaningful way to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Don’t forget that the key to a memorable Valentine’s Day is to put effort and thought into making it unique for both of you. Whether you choose to go for a photo shoot, shop online, or do something entirely different, focus on what matters most to you as a couple. Keep our tips in mind, enjoy exploring new things, and keep the spark alive. 

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