Coastal Escapes

 Exploring Kenya's Unique Getaways


The lighthouse

Escape to Vipingo Beach Villa, a tastefully decorated lighthouse. Enjoy stunning sea views and modern amenities. Perfect for up to3 guest.

Elevated on stilts, Salt Lick Safari Lodge's 96 rooms unveil stunning views of Taita Hills Wildlife Sanctuary.

Taita Taveta

Watamu Treehouse

Rejuvenate with yoga, indulge in vegan cuisine at Watamu Treehouse. A wellness retreat with panoramic ocean and lush forest views.

Unwind at Rock and Sea resort, between Mida Creek and the ocean. Stay in see-through eco bubbles for a captivating stargazing experience.

The Fort at Shela

The Fort at Shela: A private oasis amidst sand dunes with ocean views. Experience tranquillity and elegant hospitality overlooking a Manda Bay

The Sands at Chale Island: A boutique resort on a private island with white sandy beaches, sea views, 3 pools, spa, and luxury suite on a private islet.

The Musafir

The Musafir: A unique eco-conscious Swahili dhow experience. Sleep under the stars, swim in Kilifi Creek, and witness bioluminescent plankton at night.

Image by Watamu Treehouse

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