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Write For Us – Share Your Stories with Visit Nyali!

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Write For Us – Share Your Stories with Visit Nyali

Calling all Adventurers and Storytellers!

At Visit Nyali, we believe that everyone has a story to tell, whether you’re a local resident or a tourist exploring our coastal region. We want to create a vibrant community where people can share their experiences and recommendations. From restaurant reviews to travel guides and everything in between, we welcome your diverse stories and insights.

Building a Community of Sharing and Discovery

We’re passionate about creating a space where everyone can find something useful and engaging. Whether you’re a local looking for hidden gems or a tourist seeking recommendations, your stories and contributions are invaluable to our growing community.

Your Voice Matters At Visit Nyali

Tell us about your favourite restaurants, share travel guides to must-visit places, or even reveal your treasured recipes. We want to hear from you! Whether it’s a detailed review, a handy guide, or a delightful recipe, your unique perspectives will help others make the most of their experiences in Kenya’s coastal region.

No Blog? No Problem!

Don’t worry if you don’t have your own blog; blogging isn’t a prerequisite here! We’re thrilled to provide a platform for your stories, whether they’re about grand adventures, local escapades, or even inspiring lifestyle articles. If you’re unsure if your topic fits, just drop us an email, and we’ll be happy to guide you.

Guidelines for Your Creativity

We value authenticity above all else. Please make sure your submissions are original and haven’t been published anywhere else on the internet. We want to provide fresh content for our readers, and we pay attention when Google talks about duplicate content.

Showcase Your Writing and Visuals with Visit Nyali

To do justice to your story, aim for a minimum of 600 words unless you’re crafting a mesmerizing photo essay. We believe visuals enhance the storytelling experience, so we kindly request a minimum of three photographs to accompany your piece. Landscape shots should be at least 1024px wide, while portrait-style images should have a width of 800px. We’re also excited to receive videos or embed codes from your YouTube uploads.

Photoblogs and Photo Essays

If you’re more inclined toward visual storytelling, we’d love to see at least 300 words and a minimum of ten breathtaking photographs that immerse readers in your narrative.

Streamlining the Process

Help us make the publishing process smoother by formatting your writing in HTML. It saves time on our end and ensures your content reaches our readers faster.

A Snapshot of You

Community matters to us! Don’t forget to send us a profile picture of yourself and a short, snazzy bio that includes links to your social media profiles and blog (if you have one).

What’s in It for You?

  • Link Back to Your Blog/Website: We’ll gladly include a link back to your personal blog or website, driving more traffic and offering valuable backlinks. Just remember, no external links dedicated to the sale of unrelated 3rd party products are allowed.
  • Social Media Exposure: Your work has the potential to be shared across our vibrant social media channels, reaching a wider audience eager to discover your stories.

Let’s Keep It Friendly and Conversational

Our brand isn’t overly formal, and we want the content to match our friendly, approachable personality. So, feel free to write as if you’re chatting with a friend or colleague.

A Diverse Audience Awaits At Visit Nyali

Our audience spans ages 18 to 65, and we celebrate diverse perspectives, experiences, and viewpoints. Whether you have an inspiring story, an opinion piece, or valuable advice to share, we’re all ears!

Content Relevance

Please ensure the content you choose is relevant to Kenya’s coastal region. Let’s celebrate the beauty and culture of this amazing place. External links to unaffiliated websites are not permitted to ensure a seamless experience for our readers.

Ready to Share Your Tales?

Don’t hesitate! Send your incredible travel stories and more to visitnyali@gmail.com. We can’t wait to showcase your work on Visit Nyali. Get ready for your stories to be seen and celebrated by our fantastic community!

Happy travels and storytelling!

Visit Nyal

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